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Today I am going to show you how to make money on Wealthy Affiliate. And the best part is that you can join Wealthy Affiliate for free and learn the skills to make money online.


What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate trains people on how to make money online with affiliate marketing. The Step-by-step training is comprehensive and anyone can learn at their own pace to build a successful online business while learning.

For those people who do not like to read, Wealthy Affiliate includes video training in addition to text. This is especially good for beginners as you can follow the training through text as well as video and build your website as you go.

Wealthy Affiliate’s training will benefit newbie with no previous experience or seasoned affiliate marketer.

When you join Wealthy Affiliate, you will be also joining a huge community of like-minded people, who has the same interest in building an online business. It is nice to be able to ask question and get help and support from the community.

One of the best benefits in joining Wealthy Affiliate is the ability to make money within the platform. There are many ways to make money within the platform while you learn.

For more detailed information on the training courses, tools and resources, check out my Wealthy Affiliate Training Review

 There are many ways you can make money with Wealthy Affiliate while you learn

#1 Wealthy Affiliate’s Affiliate Program

As we mentioned earlier, Wealthy Affiliate provides training on affiliate marketing, so it only makes sense that they also include their affiliate program for its members to earn commission by referring others to join their platform.

The best part for the affiliate program is that you will continue to earn your commission every month as long as your referrals remain as a paying member.

If your referral stopped being a premium member for certain months and return later, you’ll continue to earn your commission once they start paying their membership. That means your referral will last for a lifetime which is great.

There is also a very attractive incentive if you make 300 sales in a calendar year. You’ll have a chance to meet the owners and other very successful members in Las Vegas with all expenses paid.

To begin, join Wealthy affiliate as a member. Every member will be given an affiliate link as shown below:

Actually, every training pages has an affiliate link for you. You can grab anyone to promote them.

You can start promoting your affiliate link on your website or social media.

How much can you make?

You can start making money as a starter (free) member or premium member. The pay structure is different for both.

As a Starter (free) member, your commissions are as follows:

If your referral upgrades to the monthly premium membership within the first 7 days, with a special price of $19, you will earn $4, after that you recurring commission will be $11.75 monthly.

For a 6-month membership that cost $234 to join, you will earn $54 as a starter affiliate.

If your referral pays for a yearly membership of $359, your commission will be $87.50 yearly

It is advisable to go for 6-month or yearly membership because you’ll need the training, support, and tools to continue building your website.

And you save lots of money paying for yearly membership rather than paying month by month.

If you are a Premium member, your commission is double of what the starter member earns. Your commission will be as follows:

For the 1st month special rate, you’ll earn $8 and recurring monthly commission of $23.50.

$108 for a 6-month memberships

$175 for a yearly memberships

Commissions for 6-month and yearly memberships are held for 30 days. Monthly commissions are paid out on the 1st of every month to your PayPal account.

If you are not a premium member yet and you have a few referrals, it makes sense to upgrade to premium so your commission is double that of the starter affiliate.

Free trip to Las Vegas on top of earning commissions.

If you are able to get 300 premium referrals in a calendar year, you will be invited to an all paid trip to a Super Affiliate Conference in Las Vegas.

You’ll have a chance to meet the founders Kyle and Carson and other very successful super affiliates. This is a great opportunity to connect, share and learn from each other.

#2 Build Your Own Online Business

When you join Wealthy Affiliate, you learn how to promote Wealthy Affiliate by going through the Affiliate Bootcamp.

You can also learn how to build your own online business with the Online Entrepreneur Certification course. This is the other main course at Wealthy Affiliate.

With this course, you’ll learn how to build a website, how to choose your niche and how to promote products of your own niche. It can be your passion, your hobby or any topic that you are interested in.

Many members choose to build Amazon affiliate websites. How much will you earn will depend on the affiliate program that you join. There are many affiliate programs to choose from and it depends on the niche.

#3 Blog On Wealthy Affiliate

As a member of Wealthy Affiliate, You can write your blog post on the platform. As Wealthy Affiliate is around for more than 10 years, it is highly ranked by Google. Any blog post, questions or training created by you can be searched by anyone on the internet.

If someone found your blog post while searching on the internet, click on it and sign-up with Wealthy Affiliate, you get a referral!

It is important that when you create your blog post within Wealthy Affiliate, you use the correct keywords, so your blog post will appear in Google search.

#4 Create Training Courses

After being a premium member for 3 months, you can start creating training courses related to affiliate marketing and online business. These training courses will help other members on WordPress tips, how to create a good blog, tips on writing reviews, etc.

If you find an answer that will help other members, you can create training and make some money.

The training can be in video form or it can be a step-by-step written tutorial.

How much you will earn from your training will depend on your rank. The higher your rank, you get paid more.


#5 SiteComment 2.0

SiteComment is a section on Wealthy Affiliate where members can offer comments on other members blogs. By offering comments, you will earn community credits and use them to buy comments for your own website.

If you are qualified as a certified commenter, you can earn cash credits where you can use it to pay your membership fee or cashed out.

This is a good way to earn some money to pay your membership fee.



I hope you find the above information helpful and how you can earn while learning at Wealthy Affiliate.

There are so many members promoting Wealthy Affiliate, you might find it difficult at first.

As we know, starting an online business is not easy. Besides having a good training platform, resources, and tools, you need to work hard, focus, stay consistent, be patience and never give up.

If you have any questions or comments about Wealthy Affiliate or you would like to know more about making money online, please do not hesitate to leave them below. I love to hear from you. ?

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10 thoughts on “How To Make Money On Wealthy Affiliate – Learn and Earn Money Online”

  1. This has been very good for me and very helpful. This is helping me through life with learning step by step and taking in information and helping me process it and learn!! Taking the step by step lessons, reading, and watching videos has helped me to do what I want to do and pursue things that I love. Appreciate what you are saying! 

    • Hi Trevor,

      Thank you for your comment and for sharing how Wealthy Affiliate has helped you pursue things that you love.

      All the best to you!

  2. Wealthy Affiliate indeed is beneficial to all. This includes all entrepreneurs and affiliates. I, myself am an entrepreneur who enjoys web development. In a matter of fact; I loved this so much, that am now using it myself. I encourage everyone who reads this; to join Wealthy Affiliate; it is totally worth it. 

    • Hi Linda,

      Thank you for your comment and for sharing your experience with Wealthy Affiliate.

      Anyone can join Wealthy Affiliate for free to try the system and to learn how to make money online.

      I wish you success with your web development.

  3. WA is something I have a bit of experience with. I actually think it’s one of the best platforms for beginners to join. Those with extensive experience with building online businesses can appreciate the community aspect of things too. It has something to offer everyone, but I do think people need to realize that joining WA means they need to put in the work and the money likely won’t come fast. It needs to be treated like a business. 

    • Hi Nate,

      Thank you for sharing your experiences with Wealthy Affiliate. The starter membership is free, anyone interested in making money online, should give it a try.

      Wishing you success with your online business.

  4. WA has the best marketing affiliate training website I have ever seen!  Of course people will try to say that it’s a scam, but it’s not.  It doesn’t promise that you will get rich overnight, or that you will get rich at all.  It just provides you the training you need to succeed.  It’s free at first but, once you join the premium section, you get a wealth all education that is well worth the cost

    • Hi Ibrahim,

      Thank you for your comment and sharing the training experience you get from Wealthy Affiliate.

      All the best to you.

  5. Hello Christine,

         Thank you so much for sharing WA with others.  I’m actually a WA member myself and I run a drone website.  I’ve learned so much from WA and the community and my site is doing pretty good.

    You’re quite right about WA offering multiple ways to earn.  I actually pay for my membership though being a certified commentor and I’ve actually referred a few people to WA as well.  Still, my niche site is my bread and butter, all thanks to the teachings on WA.

    To anyone reading this, do yourself a favor, follow one of Christine’s links, sign up for the free Starter membership and check it out for yourself.  All it will cost you is your time.

    Thanks again,


    • Hello Scott,

      Thanks for sharing your experiences on Wealthy Affiliate. I’m glad that you are earning money.

      I wish you continued success with your drone website.


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