Is The Affilorama A Scam – Does It Work?


Affilorama is an online platform that teaches affiliate marketing. Its courses include many hours of video lessons and written materials. This is a program that teaches you how to make money online.

Product Name: Affilorama
Mark Ling
Product Type:
Price: Free or $67, with additional products ranging from $97 to $997
Website: Affilorama
Rating: 75 out of 100


Affilorama is a membership educational platform specializing in online affiliate marketing. Its basic membership is free. Course content is provided through the mediums of video and supporting documents. Training is available for all levels from beginner to advanced and the user is given a choice between free and premium memberships.

Price: Free (Basic), $67/month (Premium) + Upsells

Free Training: 80+ Video Tutorials with written notes covering the basics about setting up your affiliate marketing business, SEO, PPC and some interviews

Premium Training: Monthly subscription-based Affiliate Marketing resources and training which include webinars, interviews, etc.

Support: Call & Email support provided but not 24/7, hardly to get any support from the owner directly, support from thousands of Affilorama members worldwide

Other Resources:

affilorama packages available


Affilorama Premium – $67/month

AffiloBlueprint – $197 for lifetime access and there is step-by-step training for beginners.

Affilojetpack – $997 for pre-made niche websites with content included.

AffiloTools – Free for members.


A prominent pro is the availability of free membership. This allows the user to start learning without paying an upfront cost. The user is taught the basics of online affiliate marketing such as website construction, search engine optimization, and content creation.

Major cons are the blatantly exorbitant prices of the premium membership and other paid products. It might be worth the price to pay that for a few months for the advanced training and bootcamp, but domain hosting and Private Label Right articles would not merit paying $67 every month. Domains are not generally expensive and the lack of price tag is not worth a website location on somebody else’s domain. Private Label Rights articles actually harm search engine optimization as Google lowers the rank of pages with the same content as other websites. Products offered like the AffiloBlueprint, and AffiloJetPack offer little value or have a value that is grossly unproportional to their costs.

Who It Is For

It is for people who would like to learn about online affiliate marketing and provide practical hands-on training through instructional videos. Different levels are catered to, from complete beginners to online affiliate marketers with some knowledge but are trying to increase the depth of their knowledge or learn new abilities. It also caters to people of varying financial statuses as there are both free and expensive options.

What’s Included

The free membership includes over a hundred hours of video lessons, members’ forums, and other free members’ tools.

The premium membership offers advanced training videos, product creation training, affiliate blog bootcamp training, free hosting for fifteen domains, and thirty “high quality” Private Label Rights articles for a monthly fee of $67.

As for the AffiloBlueprint, it is merely a re-arrangement and re-organisation of training content already provided in the premium membership. There is nothing in it worth $197 and it preys on online marketers who need hand-holding and spoon-feeding beyond what is already provided in the free or premium memberships.

AffiloJetPack takes sloth to yet another level and for $997 bypasses the time required for learning and instead skips straight to the making money part. The user only provides a small amount of input and most of the work required for online affiliate marketing is done on their behalf.


In the free membership, support comes mainly in the form of help from the members’ forums. As technically anyone could contribute, there is no standard to the quality of support. Premium membership comes with support from staff.

There is no live support, so do not expect to get your answer right away. Joining a membership has the advantage of getting help from other members. Sometimes it is very frustrating waiting for answer when you need it soon to solve your problem.


AffiloTools – Free, $17/month, $47/month, $97/month

Premium membership – $67/month

AffiloBlueprint – $197 one time payment

AffiloJetPack – $997 one time payment

Final Opinion

Affilorama is not a scam. There is no harm in checking out the free content in the free membership as it already provides hours of instructional videos and caters to a variety of levels. The premium membership might be worth the price for the additional video content and training bootcamps, but not worth domain hosting and Private Label Rights articles. The other products are highly and unproportionally expensive.

If you want to start an online business and not too sure if this is the right path to go, I want to share with you the proven system that I am using now to build my online business.

It offers free training, free websites and free supports. You can at least give yourself a chance to try the system to see if you want to proceed further.

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If you have any questions or comments about Affilorama or how to make money online,  please do not hesitate to leave them below.

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