Top 12 Most In Demand Jobs As Virtual Assistant

There are varieties of different jobs as virtual assistant. If you are thinking about working as a virtual assistant, there is a list of top 12 most in-demand jobs as virtual assistant that people pay for.

If you have a few of these skills that you can offer to your clients, you will be much better than your competition.

1. Customer Service and Support

Customer service and support are so important these days. When customers have questions, they would expect speedy replies and support. Businesses need to spend lots of time to keep customers happy. But, they do not have time to do it themselves, they will pay you to help them with this.

Some jobs for customer service and support includes

  • customer inquiries through phone or email
  • responding to customer feedback
  • live chat
  • process orders
  • shipping
  • payment
  • filing, keeping records up to date

2. Administrative Support

Administrative support for virtual assistant includes

  • Booking appointment- keep track of appointment, send reminders, reschedule the appointment and confirmed appointments
  • Meeting schedule- arrange a meeting for your client, send reminders to those attending the meeting
  • Live Chat – supporting customers inquiries
  • Email – responding to email, alert important email
  • Phone call and voicemail – handle phone calls and listen to voicemail
  • Basic reports – creating reports on weekly jobs completed
  • Travel arrangements – book transport and accommodation for your client when he travels.
  • Presentations – creating power points presentations for your clients
  • Preparing training manuals for staffs
  • Spreadsheets, data entry

3. Bookkeeping

Most of the business owners will pay for a virtual assistant to do the bookkeeping. Bookkeeping is all about maintaining the finances of the business.

Some work you can do for your client includes

  • generating invoices
  • keeping track of payment
  • issuing refund
  • processing payment for employees and contractors
  • debt repayment
  • processing balance sheet, profit and loss
  • preparing tax document

4. Video Editing

Video editing involves reviewing a piece of video material that has been created by your client. You have to do some editing and get it ready for publishing

Services for video editing involves

  • adding subtitles
  • adjust quality and color
  • edit the order of video clips
  • add dialogue, music, and images

5. Podcast Editing

If you like to listen to a podcast and have some knowledge of podcasting, you can offer your services to your clients.

Some services include

  • adding subtitles
  • add music, images, ads
  • add introduction and conclusion

6. Social Media Management

looking st social media icons on cell phoneFor social media management, you need to have some knowledge about different social media platforms. Business owners have no time to do this themselves. They will pay someone who knows how to optimize their social media accounts, to engage with the right audience.

You will be able to help your clients on some following

  • Creating social media posts with images
  • Schedule posting on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and others
  • Writing and optimizing social media bios – there is a limit on the number of words for bios, between 150-160 character limit. It is so important for a brand to have the best bio to attract customers.
  • Moderate and responding to comments – communicate with audiences to build positive relationships
  • Campaigns – promotional campaign for special events
  • Reaching out to potential customers
  • stayed informed on promotional rules on different platforms – it is not nice to be banned on any platform for incorrect posting

7. Content Creation

typing content on keyboard

Writing quality content for websites, newsletters are all important for building and maintaining engagement with audiences. If you have the ability to write quality content that captures the attention of readers, you have a competitive edge over other virtual assistants.

Some tasks for content creation includes

  • writing blog posts – writing blog posts for business entrepreneurs on topics you are familiar with or doing research on a topic and write a post on it.
  • Proofreading and editing – if you have knowledge of good grammar, sentences, you can offer proofreading and editing for your clients. You can edit an article in such a way that it is easy to read and convey the ideas clearly to their audiences.
  • Keyword research – Knowledge of keyword research will improve the search engine ranking of the article. That means your clients’ businesses will be seen by most people.
  • SEO – If you are familiar with SEO (Search Engine Optimization), you can increase your clients online exposure
  • sourcing and editing photos/images – an image tells a thousand words. You can help in sourcing and editing great images that catch your clients audiences attention.
  • Research on topics – You should be able to research on any topic and writes about it
  • infographics
  • transforming business data into engaging content
  • affiliate links – adding affiliate links to a blog post is a way to bring in sales for your clients
  • content repurposing – your client may create a piece of content either a blog post, a video, a podcast. You will be asked to repurpose it into a different marketing format. For example, from a video or a podcast to a blog post, from a blog post to many social media posts.
  • Schedule post to publish

8. Website/Blog management

website showing on a monitor screen

If you are familiar with building websites, you can offer your service to your clients.

Don’t worry if you do not know how to build a website. You can learn how to get started here.

Most businesses pay someone to do their website/blog, monetizing the website/blog to make money.

Some services you can provide includes

  • Build a website
  • repair broken links
  • redirection
  • moderating and respond to comments
  • updating plugins
  • improved website SEO
  • understanding website performance
  • reporting on hot topics and trends
  • tracking performance metrics, google analytics…

9. Online Marketing

holding a tabletThere are about 3 billion internet users in this world using desktop, tablet, and mobile.

Businesses are looking for ways to attract customers online, they need to make sure that their online marketing is effective.

Some services include

  • create SEO friendly landing pages to increase traffic to your clients’ website through organic search engine results
  • technical support
  • create sales pages
  • promotions, giveaways
  • new product launches
  • flyers, brochures
  • advertising campaigns

10. Email Marketing

Email marketing is still working for many businesses. If you have good knowledge on email marketing, you can help offer this service to your clients.

Some task for email marketing includes

  • Design email templates
  • scheduling emails
  • writing and sending newsletters
  • managing subscriber list
  • track the effectiveness of the email campaigns

11. Email Management

There are always too many emails in the inbox that we just do not have time to read through them. This problem can be solved by hiring a virtual assistant to handle it.

  • Response to email
  • Sort out important emails
  • Unsubscribed unwanted email, promotional email.

12. Monitor Clients Product/Services Review

Most online customers will read the product/services review before they make any purchases. For that reason, businesses cannot ignore their online customer review about their products.

Services for monitoring customers review and feedback includes

  • response to every review and feedback – it is great to have good reviews and feedback. For negative reviews and feedback, talk to customers, and solve the problems. This will greatly help the business reputation.
  • compile weekly reports – showing your clients the positive and negative feedback about the business.


Well, there you have it, the top 12 most in-demand virtual assistant services you can offer to your clients. This is a flexible way to make money online and you can do it from anywhere in the world.

If you do not have knowledge in any of the above jobs, you can invest some time in yourself by taking up some related courses and training.

If you are ready to make money online, you may want to look at this training, you will learn about how to create websites, writing blog posts, SEO, social media and more. The best part of this training platform is that its starter membership is FREE to join. Besides the online training, you will get plenty of help and support from the awesome community.


Are you ready for virtual assistant jobs? Are you currently a virtual assistant and would like to share your experiences with our readers? Your awesome experiences will help other readers to start as a virtual assistant. We would love to hear from you.

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27 thoughts on “Top 12 Most In Demand Jobs As Virtual Assistant”

  1. nice article what is the pay for some of these jobs do you know? 

    I have some of these skills so I will go through some research and see if it’s worth some money, Where do you suggest I look for these kind jobs. 

    I love how you put the list at top before the article started. this is a lot value that I will try and use so that I can quit my day job.

    Keep writing educating people.

    To Your Success,

    Alberto Lazaro  

    • Hi Alberto,

      Thank you for your comment. If you have the skills to be a virtual assistant, try to apply for the job. You can start part-time since you have a fulltime job.

      The pay varies for different jobs and experiences.

      Some of the legitimate sites for virtual assistant jobs are VA Networking, Zirtual, Fiverr, Flexjobs, Fancy Hands.

      All the best to you.

  2. As an admin support officer in my organization, it feels very cool to know that my job is listed here on your website as one of the most in demand jobs in the virtual world today. I have had experience in other fields though but i am particularly excited about the simplicity and importance of my job in my organization.

    • Hi Lucas,

      Thank you for stopping by. That’s great for you as admin support officer. In the future, if you want to work remotely, your experience will help you in securing an online job.

      All the best to you.

  3. I did not know that there is so much to being a virtual assistant. I always thought that all you do is manage their diary. Clearly I was wrong. I tried being a virtual assistant before joining wealthy affiliate but for some reason I was rejected everywhere I tried. I lt seems like a pretty interesting job to do so I would advice individuals to try it out 

  4. Thank you for the valuable information provided in this article. Whenever I think about jobs that could be worked online, I am wondering and wandering to do some kind of research and find what is a best solution for people who are well educated, but for some reason they would start to work online. Bookkeeping is something I have never heard of that can be done online, so this opens my eyes in a whole different level. I started with my online blog, so we’ll see how good content writer I am 🙂

    • Hi JulijanaM,

      Thank you for your feedback.

      I wish you much success in your online blog. You will be a great content writer 🙂

  5. I fully value the work that VA’s perform. They currently help me with so many tasks for my website and social media management that I would not know where I would be without them. I particularly appreciate that I stick on my social media schedule better and site content generation with my VA. These two tasks alone are loads of help with my SEO. Responding to comments across platforms also is very appreciated. Thanks for pointing me in the direction as to where else I can broaden the scope of my VA help.

  6. I didn’t know that there was such a demand for all these jobs. I started my journey blogging. And have learned about keyword research, affiliate marketing, content generation and started recently producing my own videos. I could work on the side as a freelancer to support my main project. Thank you for this post!

  7. I have been thinking of becoming a virtual assistant for social media programs. This information is very useful to know so that I can see which skills I need to brush up, on to get a job. There are a lot of places that these jobs can be found and your list has given me a few more ideas. I found some advertised on Pinterest accounts is that a good place to start from?

    • Hi Lisa,

      Thank you for your comment. It is good that you get some new ideas from the post. If you are good at Pinterest, I think it is a good place to start.

      All the best to you.

  8. Nice article! People are always looking for new ideas on how to generate more incomes. Nowadays, remote work is something real, not like a few years ago!

    Nice information about the best In Demand Jobs As Virtual Assistant, didn´t know that Podcast Editing was one of the top rated ones!

    Thanks for the info!

  9. Thank you for the virtual assistant jobs you listed here. I love technology and would love to work virtually than physically at a work place. I have experience with blogging and make my own website. However, I noticed it takes time to make your first cash out. Is there virtual assistant jobs that make money faster?

    • Hi Bernard,

      Thank you for sharing your experiences. Since you are experience in blogging and building websites, you can provide your services to others.

      All the best to you.

  10. I am particularly interested on jobs like video editing and podcast editing. Wonder what kind of softwares are required to do the job? If those softwares have demo or trial version for me to test out. It will be wonderful!

    In addition, if my blog content can supplement with video and podcast content on it, I presume it will increase the traffic much better. 

    Social Media Management is also another area which I wish to learn more about it, especially those version from Chinese speaking countries like WeChat, Kuaishou, Baidu, Weibo, etc.

    • Hi TYP,

      Thank you for sharing your interest. For video and podcast editing, I have no experience. I am sure there are lots of information in the internet that you can learn from.

      All the best to you.

  11. Hi Christine,

    Wow, this is a good post. You presented it well. Easy to read and you explained all sections in detailed.

    I am interested in all of these top 12 VA’s jobs, did hire content writer on my blog and while reading your post felt I need all those VA’s to perform different functions on my website. 

    Well done my friend,


    • Hi AI,

      Thank you for your kind words. I am glad that you find the information helpful.
      I wish you much success with your online business.

  12. What a great read. This is so insightful for both a business/company and for anyone looking to step into a new role as a virtual Assistant. The content included is sure to capture the attention of many readers and I’m sure this will inspire a lot of interest in the role of a VA from both small businesses looking to grow and from people looking to take on an exciting new challenge.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Danny,

      Thank you for sharing your opinion about the information in the post. I really hope that many people and small businesses will benefit from it.

      All the best to you.

  13. Hi there Christine. Thanks for the comprehensive list of the jobs available online. I am really interested in helping people manage their blogs and websites as you listed in point #8. Can you please give us a few websites you know that can connect us to such jobs? Or sources you know are valuable to get jobs. I’ll come back shortly to read your reply. I look forward to your reply. Thanks.

    • Hi Dave,

      Thank you for sharing your interest.

      You can get more information here on getting jobs on managing blogs and websites.

      All the best to you.


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