Best Cash Job Review – Scam or Make $50-$100 Per Day?

You might have looked at many Best Cash Job reviews.

I’m glad you’re here and I’m going to show you what Best Cash Job is and how it works.

Looking at this page from the website. It looks like it is easy to make $50-$100 daily. By completing a small task in 30 seconds and get paid $10. Will you really make money or waste your time on another scam?

Welcome to my Best Cash Job Review!

Review Summary

Program Name: Best Cash Job


Price: Free

Owners: Unknown

Overall Rank: 5 out of 100

Is Best Cash Job A Scam? YES

Recommended? NO

What Is Best Cash Job?

Best cash Job is a website that claims that when you complete a small task, you’ll earn $10. That small task will only takes 30 seconds to complete.

You’ll also get $25 as a sign-up bonus.

As stated in their website, they will pay you each month via Paypal, Payza, MoneyGram and cheque.

How Does It Work?

What is this small task that will pay you $10 to do?

The task that you need to do is to create a referral link and post it on the internet and share it in social media. When someone clicks the link, you earn your $10. That’s an easy job to earn $10!

As you are posting more links to the internet, you’ll get more clicks and you’ll see your account balance starts increasing. The minimum payout is $300. When you reach that amount, a button will appear. That button does not direct you to information for cash out. Instead, it brings you to offers and surveys pages.

You might be going through pages and pages of offers and surveys, hopefully you will be getting your pay.

No. They don’t pay you!

The offers and surveys never seems to end! Sometimes you’ll ask to join some membership where you’ll need to pay for subscription. When you join any of these site, either free or not, the owners of will get paid because they are affiliated with them.

They are earning money by wasting your time and effort in posting their referral links, going through offers and surveys. These are free marketing and advertisement for them.

They captured you and your referrals email addresses and sell them for profit. Email marketing is very important for online businesses. That is the reason why there are so many websites out there scamming email addresses. This is also why we received so many emails from sites or people that we never subscribed to.

Is Best Cash Job A Scam?

YES! Best Cash Job is a SCAM!

There is nothing that is true about this site actually. They just want to waste your time and effort to help them make their profit and not paying you.

This website is not scamming your money because it is free to sign-up. Their main purpose is to get your personal information. When you registered, you are required to give them your email address and physical address where they can send your cheque.

As you know, this is always a bad idea giving them your email and address. You’ll then start receiving junk email and promotional materials in your mailbox.

They used fake testimonial


The man in the testimonial is just a stock photo from

There is nothing good about this website really. There are so many similar websites around to trick people. Look at the sale page below for Dollars True and They are exactly the same as Best Cash Job sale page.




There is no support, you’ll never able to contact anyone because there is no contact information provided.

In all legitimate website, there is always a privacy policy provided. Best Cash Job website does not provide this.

Final Thoughts

Best Cash Job is a SCAM and I do NOT recommend it at all.

It tricks those people who are hoping to make some easy money online. These are the programs you would like to avoid in the future.

It is nothing wrong about email marketing that collect email for sending out information. It is not right when you give out your email to perform some task and not getting paid. The worst part is your email and personal information being for profit.

If you really sign-up for Best Cash Job and send out your referral link, you are actually helping this site to trick more people.

You want to make sure that you are promoting something legitimate. This will lead you to long term success in online world.

It is possible to make money online but it is not as easy as sending out a referral link and get paid. You will have to put in time, effort and patience in order to build a successful online business.


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2 thoughts on “Best Cash Job Review – Scam or Make $50-$100 Per Day?”

  1. Is there any legal action we can take against the owner of the website. So much time wasted I would like to see some type of action the public could take so people will think about making up these types of false website’s.

    • Hi Amy,
      Sorry to hear that you have wasted your time on this. I know how you feel, I was there before.

      There are many internet scam sites out there. You can report them to BBB and to Rippoff Report. This will help others to avoid these type of scam sites.

      I am sorry for not able to help you on the legal steps on this.

      If you are thinking of making money online, My #1 recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate. This is the program I use to build my online business. The starter membership is free.

      Thank you for visiting my site and leaving your comments. If you have any questions about making money online or about Wealthy Affiliate, I am happy to hear from you :).


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