Kindle Sniper Review – Scam or Make Quick-Money-Online?

There is a product called Kindle Sniper, also known as KDL Sniper. The sale page of this product claims that anyone who follow this Kindle Sniper system will be able to make $1000/day online. This definitely sounds like a great opportunity to make quick money online.

Let’s see if this product is really work or is another product to scam your money and waste of time.

Welcome to my Kindle Sniper Review!

Review Summary

Product Name: Kindle Sniper


Price: $37 + Upsells

Owner: Martin Price

Overall Rank: 20 out of 100

Is Kindle Sniper A Scam? YES and NO

Recommended? NO


What Is Kindle Sniper?


sale page

The owner claims that he has created a system that will help you make thousand of dollars selling one product on one ‘secret’ website that not many people known about it.

This website that he is talking about is Amazon, which is not a secret at all.

Many people are already selling kindle e-books on Amazon. This is not something new for making money online.

Kindle Sniper is supposed to be a system that can help you make money selling Kindle e-book on Amazon. The owner said that you do not need to be a writer to write the e-book yourself, you can use ghost writer to write for you. This is nothing new. Why is he saying this is a secret way.

He claims that you don’t need any previous experience or special skill. Everything is done for you and it is easy for you to sell e-books on Amazon to make a substantial income. He said what you need is your computer, laptop, smartphone and internet connection.  If this is what we need to do, then it is easy!

But it is actually not so simple by just putting your e-book on Amazon, working for 10 minutes a day as he claimed and you’ll be making thousands of dollars. Amazon made billions of dollars doesn’t mean that you will make money.

How Does It Work?

Kindle Sniper is actually a 71 pages PDF document. It is about creating an e-book. It is not a system at all. A system will show you the process step-by-step. There is no special tactics in this document that can help you make $1000/day and working for less than 10 minute each day. There is no secret in this document that will help you earn that money.

Kindle Sniper PDF





You can actually find all these information on the internet for free. The owner is just wanted to sell his Kinder Sniper and make quick money.

Talking about selling e-books on Amazon Kindle, Yes, you can make money from it. But you need to known how to do it right to make money. It is not like what the owner said that his system will help you make money from Amazon by doing little to no work whatsoever.

In the member’s area, there are 3 upsells ranging from $67-$97 and hosting.

  • Niche Destroyer – $65
  • Kindle Sniper Premium 1 – $77
  • Kindle Sniper Premium 2 – $97

He suggested to sign-up the CoolHander hosting service for 2 years, because he is affiliate with them. He will earn a commission if you purchased the hosting service.

There are a few things about Kindle Sniper that you need to be aware of…………….

Fake Testimonials

This man in the video claimed that Kindle Sniper is the greatest system ever. He is just an actor from Fiverr. He was paid to do the video presentation.


The same goes to this lady who claims she is a single mom with three kids, working as a nurse to support her family. Kindle Sniper has changed her life and she is making over $1000/day. Again, her testimonial is fake. She is an actress from Fiverr, hired to do the video presentation.

Fiverr is an online market place for freelance services.

Who is Martin Price?

Is Martin Price the owner? He doesn’t show his face at all and there is no information about him. Maybe he is another actor hired to promote this low quality product.

Kindle Sniper Pros and Cons


  • You have a PDF document which you can learn something from there to create e-book
  • 60 days money back guarantee


  • It is unlikely that you will make $1000/day selling Kindle e-books on Amazon by spending 10 minutes working each day.

Is Kindle Sniper A Scam?

In my opinion, Kindle Sniper is not 100% scam because you do received a PDF document with lots of information on e-book. I would say it is a low quality product like the eCom Profit Sniper from Clickbank.

It is not a scam because you can get your refund via Clickbank with 60 days money back guarantee.

I known a lot of people who bought the CoolHandle hosting will call this a scam because they are unable to get their refund from CoolHandle.

I do not recommend Kindle Sniper.

Final Thought

Selling e-book on Amazon is not as easy as it sounds. It is possible to make profit from there but it takes hard work, time and money. You do need some money to get started, to hire ghost writer to write your e-book, expenses for marketing and promotion to get your e-book sold.

A Proven System To Build An Online Business

There are different ways you can make money on Amazon. You can be one of their merchants selling your own products. The best way is to be an Amazon Associate where you can sell any products listed on Amazon. When someone purchases the products through your website, you earn the commission.

If you want to start an online business and not too sure if this is the right path to go, I want to share with you the proven system that I am using now to build my online business.

It offers free training, free websites and free supports. You can at least give yourself a chance to try the system to see if you want to proceed further.


If you have any questions or comments about Kindle Sniper, please do not hesitate to leave them below. I am happy to hear from you!?

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