Instant Payday Tricks Review – Earn $800 Per Hour or Avoid This Scam!

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Welcome to my Instant Payday Tricks Review!

Instant Payday Tricks generates $800 per hour almost immediately for you!

This is what they claim in their sale video. It would be excited to know if this is really a good program or is it another program to scam your money.

Will Instant Payday Tricks really help you make $800 per hour or losing your money to another scam product?

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Review Summary

Product Name: Instant Payday Tricks


Price: $37

Owners: Ed Roberts

Overall Rank: 20/100

Is Instant Payday Tricks A Scam? YES

Recommended? NO


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What Is Instant Payday Tricks?

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The website of Instant Payday Tricks plays few news clips about making money online. These news clips are just introduced to create excitement for this video. They are not related to Instant Payday Tricks at all.

After the introduction, the owner Ed Roberts mentioned about making $800 per hour or even $1000 per hour. He goes on to say that an 80-year old lady named Tracy Lund has make $3422. Graig Jensen, a high school dropout from Mexico has made $4289 and so on.

He claimed that the program runs on autopilot with minimum effort, no computer skill is required, and anyone can make as much $800,000 in a year!

sales video making $800,000 in a year

There is no secret in this Instant Payday Tricks, and there is no way that you can make so much money easily.

Instant Payday Tricks uses its sales video to trick you into believing that they are using the artificial intelligence (AI) system to make lots of money quickly.

You are told that Google, Facebook and mobile phone companies are using artificial intelligent (AI) to make lots of money.

The problem is that he never tells you how AI functions in Instant Payday Tricks.

How Does Instant Payday Tricks Works?

When you bought into the program and thinking that you can start making money after activation, you’ll be disappointed.

There is no real secret in this program. You’ll be shown various method on making money online. These methods are not new or whatsoever and there are already widely used.

What you’ll be getting are video training, e-books and a few articles.

The video training will show you how to make money on article marketing, selling on Clickbank, Craigslist, article sharing on social media.

Some of these methods are totally outdated. They are not going to help you make much money.

There is no step-by-step training that shows you how to use all these methods. There are just different methods of making money online. For someone who does not have any knowledge of internet marketing, will find it very confusing.

As for the e-books, they might contain some useful information. If you do not know how to use them, there is no way you can make money from them.

The Pros & Cons of Instant Payday Tricks


  • 60 days money back guarantee


  • The training videos are outdated
  • No step-by-step guidance
  • Most of the information are free online

Can You Really Make $800 Per Hour With Instant Payday Tricks?

No. There is no way that you will be able to make this much of money with this program.

The information you get is outdated, and the method they used will not help you earn $800 per hour quickly.

Is Instant Payday Tricks A Scam?

Yes. There is no doubt that Instant Payday Tricks is a scam. This is the get-rich-quick scheme that everyone should stay away.

The sales video show you how easy it is to make lots of money fast. They are showing you want you like to hear.

Let us look at the following red flags to show that Instant Payday Tricks is a scam

1. Unrealistic Income Claim

The sales video shows that if you buy the system, you will be able to earn $800 per hour quickly.

In reality, It takes time and effort to make money on the internet. To make $70,000 fast month after month is not true. It will take a few years to make 5 figure income per month.

2. Fake Testimonials

The old lady Tracy Lund that makes $3422 using Instant Payday Tricks is not true. She is not the real person using the system. The photo is actually a stock photo from Shutterstock website.

Tracy Lund is not a user of Instant Payday Tricks.

Tracy Lund making $3,422 Stock photo of Tracy Lunn from



Other testimonials are stock photos as well.

3. Autopilot System and Need Little Work

Be careful when they tell you the system runs on autopilot, and you do not need to work much. In order to earn money online, you have to really work on it.

With the help of some automation software to obtain traffic, you still need to work on your website to provide useful information that your visitor will benefit.

With all those claims by Instant Payday Tricks and without proper training, I do not think that you will be able to make money fast.

Look at the red flags above, I have to conclude that I DO NOT recommend Instant Payday Tricks.


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If you have any questions or comments about Instant Payday Tricks, please do not hesitate to leave them below.

I would love to hear from you! ?

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