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Welcome to My Ecom Club Review!

We all want to make a lot of money on the side. And earning money online easy without a lot of effort would be a dream come true in many situations.

My Ecom Club is a program that tries to offer us such a thing. This is basically a training platform whose primary purpose is to help you learn how to create your own online business.

The e commerce space is thriving right now, so the idea behind My Ecom Club is to teach you how to make the most out of this amazing opportunity.

But since there are so many programs like this, it can be very tricky to figure out which is the best option out there. With that in mind, there are lots of amazing opportunities for you to explore, and all you need is to make the right pick.

My Ecom Club seems promising, especially because it offers to teach you the inner workings that will eventually make you a lot of money in the e-commerce world. But as you can imagine, things are not as simple as they first appear.


My Ecom Club Review Summary

Product Name: My Ecom Club


Price: $37 + Upsells

Owner: Rocky Lin

Overall Rank: 30/100

Is My Ecom Club A Scam: NO

Recommended: NO


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What is My Ecom Club?


My Ecom Club is a website that wants to teach you how to make money online just by creating an e-commerce website and selling products online.

It is actually a program teaching you about drop shipping business. In this business, there is no inventory and shipping to worry about. The vendor will handle the products and the shipping.

You make money from the sale of the products. Your profit is the difference between the purchase cost you paid to your vendor and the money you received from your customer.

What makes My Ecom Club great is that it’s very easy to use, it can be adapted to your own needs, and you can feel free to learn at your own pace.

Of course, they do have some promises, one of them being that you can start your own online business in 7 days or less.

That’s obviously a bold claim, but some websites tend to make it true.

That being said, there are also scams that you need to take into account, which is why you have to at least try My Ecom Club for yourself.

They do provide you with a free demo.

Of course, that’s in the beginning when you see the overwhelming amount of information.

As you delve deep into it, you will see that My Econ Club is not the ultimate choice for tutorials in this regard. You can find similar tutorials online for free or at very low cost.

That means you won’t have to spend a lot of money to get the results you want.

How does My Ecom Club Work?

When you encounter such a program, the first thing you want to learn is how it works. And  honestly, My Ecom Club seems very simple right off the bat. The way this works differs based on what membership you opt for.

You will notice that My Ecom Club comes with 3 different membership options.

1. Instant e commerce website template

  • that comes with a $37 one time fee. That being said, you don’t get coaching at this
    level, but you do receive a very high converting template to work with, so you have to take your time as you figure out the right options.

2. The inner circle membership

  • is $37 each month. But it’s better because you have monthly training calls included here. You will also receive additional training tools that will help you earn more as you go along.

3. The Gold Membership

  • is $97 one time fee. This one is set to help you learn about how you can create an online business that makes you thousands of dollars a month. The good thing is that you get a coach with this as well.

Besides the three membership options, there are more cost to the system. You will not know this until you are in the system.


Pro and Cons of My Ecom Club


  • The best thing about this program is that it does provide some good training for beginners. You can learn about drop shipping and earning money online.
  • The business model is legitimate.
  • There is a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Their testimonials that you can find on the website are not true, you can find them on Getty images.

  • The same thing happens in the case of success stories.


  • There are some hidden costs that come with this program, which ends up promoting you a massive upsell that is very costly.

At the end of the training, they will offer to build the shop for you with all the products. What you need to do is promoting your shop.

The cost for building the shop for you is $1997 and additional $97 per month for support.

This is too expensive!


Can You Make Money with My Ecom Club without buying into the expensive upsells?

The training they give you is not complete. In order to build the business you need more training.

To continue with their training, you have no choice but to upgrade.

Is My Ecom Club A Scam?

My Ecom Club is not a scam, as they do have some valuable information and training about drop shipping.

But the fact that there are fake success stories and testimonials makes using this website a bit of a gamble. That doesn’t mean it will be a problem, but for the most part, you can stay away from them if you want to avoid hidden upsells.

You can create a free account to learn more about the first steps regarding the business setup, but then again some of this info is already available free of charge online.

While My Ecom Club is not a scam, I do not recommend it because they do not provide you with complete training for you to build your business. It is very difficult for you if you’re new to internet marketing.

Instead, they want you to pay $1997 + $97 monthly fee for them to build the shop for you.

For the 30-day money-back guarantee, there are some complaints about the refunds and other issues on Better Business Bureau.


There are better ways to earn money online. It is important to learn how to do it the correct way.

A Proven System That Teach You How To Make Money Online

Yes, there are legitimate better ways of making money online. If you want to learn how to make money online and not too sure how to begin, I want to share with you the proven system that I am using now to build my online business.

You will enjoy the comprehensive step-by-step training, free websites, useful resources and tools. You’ll get lots of help and support from the community.

This is free to get started. You can at least give yourself a chance to try the system to see if you want to proceed further.


If you have any questions or comments about My Ecom Club, please do not hesitate to leave them below.

I would love to hear from you! ?

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